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I shot the sheriff

October 27, 2012

Just testing some things.  This is me if hats fit my head and I could grow a mustache.


Watch This

October 10, 2012

I saw an illustration based off an article about how young people are spending too much or all of their money on wrist watches and I thought it sounded funny enough to warrant a look up.  The biggest struggle was trying to come up with something interesting and ironic that a hipster would write about this situation, but I guess I’m not a hipster.  I’m fairly certain this wont work because I don’t have a big following, but if someone were to come up with a better line and I end up using it I could send them a print.

Horse Racing

October 9, 2012







Here’s a personal project that has to do with horse racing.  I spent the summer experimenting and trying come up with ways to go about the final execution differently and this is what came out of it.  Graphite, acrylic and digital coloring